You Were Never Really Here (2017)


The Scottish director, Lynne Ramsay, made a very quiet and disturbing film. Most of Lynn’s movies have that quiet side, as in a movie, “We need to talk about Kevin”. and that’s what gives her films a magical visual character, and make you enjoy it. this film talk about the “Joaquin Phoenix” the killer hack, who tries to save a little girl, and lives with his old mother, and very fun. The basic story of the film is simple, but beyond the details, colors, and tranquility, there is another world of psychological and historical exhaustion suffered by Joaquin. the stages of his childhood, which was somehow harsh, and created this man. Joaquin swung between the desire to live and suicide for salvation, and it lasts for the duration of the film, even the last scene, Ramsey’s making a moment, that Joaquin shoots his head, then we find out he was fancy dying. The film makes the viewer tense of psychologically and visually, and that’s its magnificence. addition to the many details created by the actors and their dialogues, especially “Joaquin, Judith”. The film is great, I loved it.


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