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Saw the title of this film and was intrigued as the title is the same as one of the songs that I love “Proud Mary” so obviously I thought they have used this song to hang the story of the film on, right?


Whilst the story is of interest and (don’t get me wrong) this is an enjoyable film the premise just doesn’t sit right and actually spoils the whole thing.

A female orphan being adopted (taken in) by a mob family and trained to be a contact killer(don’t worry I’m not giving anything away) suddenly having a conscience and turning her back on………….

Worth seeing, but save it for a rainy evening when nothing else is on, you will enjoy it but not as much as other films in this genre like ‘Death Wish, John Wick’ or the hugely awaited The Equalizer 2.

Rating 6 out of 10

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