How to Download/unrar file download from

How to Download/unrar file download from

Note: All uploaded files on have been renamed to avoid copyright infringement.

Download and rename:

1. When you click on the download link, a window pops up.
Like this picture:

2. Please rename the file and note the corresponding file name extension, for the software will usually be .rar and for the movie will be .mp4 or .mkv. 

Click save


If you forgot to rename the file and hit the save button, please wait for download complete and rename as follows:

Right-click on the file name and select rename
add .rar to the following file name
Press “Enter” and done
If you see the file icon changed to winrar icon, it was successful


Extract the file with the password

Most of the files shared on are compressed with the “” password. Here is how to extract the file
After download => rename or rename => download you will be a file with the name not very similar to the file name, but do not worry.
Right-Click and choose “Extrac file”.
At this point you enter in the password box and select ok

A new folder will appear. Please open it
Within that folder will be another folder, containing the file you need