Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings 2018


The story is a complex, multi-character excerise in episodic storytelling. Thre is a full-bodied saga that unfolds in “The Four Heavenly Kings” that offers rich, creative characters drawing on layered back story that, although implied for a lot of the characters, very much recognizable and clear. The main cast give stellar performances potraying what has to be as fascinating a mythos as Disney’s fairytale collection.

The special effects are extravagant, over-the-top displays that show a strong desire to “one up” Hollywood, and to a degree Bollywood” , producing a true to score blockbuster experience. I have to say that Tsui pulls it off marvelously. Obviously money wasn’t a concern. Think ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ meets -well- Hong Kong! Overall “Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings” is a beautifully filmed fantasy tale of mythical mastery.


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