Bert Kreischer Secret Time 2018


Bert is one of the few comics I have seen that every show is not like their previous ones. I have seen acts live and you feel like you are listening to one of their cds, as there is no fan interaction or actual improv happening. I have seen Bert live last year in Kansas City and almost all of his show was ad lib and fan engagement. The show was amazing and I have bought tickets to see him two times next month.

Secret Time- Picks right off of the Machine special with Bert telling stories like only he can. Between the hilarious stories and the mixed in one liners, you will be laughing until it hurts. Has great re-watch ability, as I’ve already watch it twice since it came out. If you have time to catch him live, hes worth the price of admission, signs autographs after the show, takes photos, and shots with his fans.



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