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The Strangers: Prey at Night is the sequel to the 2008 horror film, The Strangers. The first film was a home invasion film, and this movie is pretty much the same exact thing, but a lot more over the top. The first film was a slow moving, but only occasionally suspenseful movie and this movie picks up the pace a lot more. Now just because a movie is more fast-paced than the other, it doesn’t make it better, but in this case, it does. The first movie did drag quite a bit, and the first time I saw the first, I fell asleep. Don’t get me wrong, I like slow-paced, suspense horror films, but the first Strangers movie just didn’t do it for me! This movie, however, was never boring! This movie feels like a cheesy 80s slasher movie, and I enjoyed it! This movie has all the cheesy acting, illogical moments, and completely incompetent characters of a slasher movie, and I did find it entertaining! As negative as critics are treating this movie, I do find this movie to be kind of a breath of fresh air compared to most of those supernatural horror films we get all the damn time! There is some neat gore, even though there isn’t a big amount of gore, while there is no tension, some scenes do manage to be exciting, and there really isn’t a dull moment! Not everybody is going to like this movie, if you are looking for a genuinely great movie with proper character depth, suspense all the way through and Oscar-worthy performances, The Strangers: Prey at Night is not the movie for you! If you want an 80 minute thrill ride that is fun, check it out, you’ll be more than satisfied!

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